"Glances is hands down the easiest to use, and simplest integration app for our needs. Not to mention their team is highly responsive, and great to work with. I’d highly recommend this company!"

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Alexander Palmiere

President & CFO

Responsival, LLC

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Questions You May Have

Do I need to write code?

Thank heavens, no! All you do is log into your apps to connect them and we handle the rest. It's what the hipsters are calling "no code" solution to you integration needs

Where can Glances be used?

In your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Brave), on your desktop (OSX, Windows).

How is our data stored?

We do not store data from your apps. When a glance is displayed it is pulling infomation in real-time directly from your applications and displaying it in the Glance view. Only the minimally required information to connect to your applications is encrypted and stored.

How do I request an app addition?

Let us know what applications you want added by clicking on the Help button in the lower right corner of the page.