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Client Case Study: Responsival

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Responsival, LLC is a creative and digital marketing firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The team collaborates with brands of all sizes to create memorable, data-driven digital experiences that empower clients to connect with their customers, communities, and sense of purpose.

When they realized it was time to scale the way they accessed information across various apps and platforms, Responsival searched for a solution that would enable their team to view customer data quickly and from a single source of truth.

Case Study Participants

Alexander Palmiere

President & CFO

Responsival, LLC

Tech Stack Overview

The team at Responsival relies on the following Software as a Service (SaaS) apps to perform work functions on a daily basis:

Mailchimp Google Drive

Current Challenges

With roles focused on marketing, web design and development, project management, customer success and more, Responsival relies on their digital consulting expertise and tech stack of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps to successfully help their clients' unique needs, every workday. Like most businesses, there are a few obstacles they are currently faced with, such as:

  • Managing a remote team and work environment. Without a physical office, having one source of truth for accessing their customer data is pivotal to their team.
  • Knowledge gatekeepers. Oftentimes, information about a specific system is held in the knowledge-base of one or two individuals, creating problems for other teammates when trying to access key information in a timely fashion.

Glances is hands down the easiest to use, and simplest integration app for our needs. Not to mention their team is highly responsive, and great to work with. I’d highly recommend this company!

Alexander Palmiere

President & CFO

Responsival, LLC

Why Try Glances?

Responsival decided Glances was the best solution to meet their needs because it works with the apps in their current technology stack (plus many others if their needs change in the future), it does not require any coding, and it quickly shows the data they need in a single view, in real time. This is key for their remote team to be on the same page, despite distance.

Glances is a no-code integration platform that works on any webpage you visit and within any app you use, offers web and mobile access, and features in-app functionality with popular workplace platforms like For the team at Responsival, it is readily available in the unique ways each teammate prefers to get their work done more efficiently.

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How Responsival Uses Glances

Responsival uses Glances to augment an existing “Client Profile” view on their account, which connects client information from QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, and Google Drive to one central client record. This allows the team to access any information about the client from third-party systems, in one area and one seamless user experience. To quickly get the data they need, they simply enter a client's name or email address in the Glances Search tab within the monday app.

The Results

Using Glances to access a holistic view of each client's data across apps – from accounting and invoicing details to related marketing emails and Google Drive files – has helped Responsival save several hours of time per day, per team member. and Glances

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Searching for Google docs with ease, saving time clicking to see our customer data – that's just the beginning of how Glances saves our team time every single day.

Heidi W.

Heidi W.

Director of Customer Support

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