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Jessica Biondo
(New Releases)

Connect Glances with HubSpot CRM data

HubSpot offers a free CRM at its core and is known as a growth platform that lets your entire company work more efficiently – from marketing, to sales, to customer service. Each Hub is powerful alone, but works even better together. Now HubSpot users can also take advantage of using Glances to not only view data from HubSpot while working in other platforms, but important customer data from all of their connected apps in one simplified view.

Glances and HubSpot, a productivity dream

Glances unifies data from your multiple apps; HubSpot unifies your teams and client processes. Use them together during your workday and slash hours of your formerly wasted time searching and toggling through your various web-based platforms for crucial customer data. When HubSpot is connected to Glances, you can effortlessly glance at the following data from whatever webpage you are on. Simply click to dive deeper if needed:

  • View all the details of your HubSpot contact
  • View a list of deals associated with your HubSpot contact
  • View a list of tickets associated with your HubSpot contact

How it works

Accessing the data categories mentioned above is incredibly simple and secure. When signed in to Glances, Glancey will stamp email addresses that display on the webpage you are viewing. To see data associated with that email, simply click the stamp. Alternatively, you can use the Glances widget in the corner of the page to see relevant data. This allows you to quickly gain a holistic picture of the customer, client, or record you are currently viewing.

Holistic picture of your customer with Glances

Glances works with multiple web-based apps, not just HubSpot

You already live in your HubSpot CRM, but we can almost guarantee that you also work with several other platforms. Whether you rely on Mailchimp, Slack, Stripe, Shopify, Zendesk, or any other combo of popular applications, we understand that finding customer information within various systems is a huge, time-wasting struggle. Glances brings your favorite online apps together, securely showing your customer data in a single view from whatever app you are using.

Integrate HubSpot with anything by using Glances

Try Glances and experience the single customer view, in HubSpot or any app!

Start your free trial to connect your everyday apps and access your customer data in one easy click, from whatever webpage you are on. If you already use HubSpot, you can get it connected to Glances by finding the HubSpot app when you are logged in to your Glances account.

More Helpful Steps

Schedule a demo to see the awesome benefits of Glances in action or ask our team questions.

If you need to connect a specific app with Glances that is not currently available on glances.com, please send your app requests to hello@glances.com.

Find more step-by-step articles with the latest information, visit our support site.

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