View SugarCRM data in any application

Glances eliminates tab switching, searching and clicking around to find your important SugarCRM data wherever you are glancing from. Yes, SugarCRM now integrates with any application.

Viewing SugarCRM data in any application

View all your data in SugarCRM

Glances also works going the other direction. In fact, it will work in any application you use. Glances will find matches in SugarCRM based on whatever you are looking at.

Integrate SugarCRM with any application

Slack and MS Teams, too!

Glances saves time and improves your Slack or MS Teams user experience by showing customer data from all your connected apps in one convenient post. No need to connect a dozen different apps and figuring out which one has the data you need.

Just one command, one customer view.

Integrate SugarCRM with Slack or MS Teams

Activate Glances in 5 minutes

Save your team countless hours

All you need is an account to SugarCRM

Try Glances now

  1. Create your Glances account

    No credit card required, 14-day free trial

  2. Connect your SugarCRM account


  3. Install the Glances browser extension


  4. Go to any other application with data related to SugarCRM

    Open the Glances browser extension

Voilà! Enjoy your data in one convenient view

The more apps you add, the more data you can glance at

Try Glances now

Free 14-day trial

No credit card required

Close more tabs, save more time!

  • Stop tab switching

    Stop Tab Switching

    Stay focused on whatever you are working on. Need to know something important about what you are working on, but it is in another system? Use Glances to view it right now to avoid painful app switching.

  • See what matters

    See What Matters

    See what matters to you right here, right now. Whether working on a support case, a new lead, or anything else, glance at any emails, invoices, notes, etc residing in some other app when you need it, right now.

  • Reduce license costs

    Reduce License Costs

    Not every user in your company needs to log into each and every one of your applications. Save on licensing costs by giving them just the insights they need with Glances.

Meet Glances, a new way to integrate

Questions you may have

  1. Do I need to write code?

    Thank heavens, no! All you do is log into your apps to connect them and we handle the rest. It’s what the hipsters are calling a “no code” solution to your integration needs.

    How is our data stored?

    We do not store data from your apps. When a Glance is displayed it is pulling information in real-time directly from your applications and displaying it in the Glance view. Only the minimally required information to connect to your applications is encrypted and stored.

  2. Where can Glances be used?

    In your favorite browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave or stand alone apps such as Slack.

    How do I request an app?

    Let us know what applications you want added by clicking on the Help button in the lower right corner of the page.

  3. Is it as complicated to set up like other integrations?

    It takes just minutes to set up. Why? Glances greatly simplifies what integrations are well known for: complexity and time consuming configuration. Since we are not moving data back and forth between multiple systems we avoid all of the error prone failure points that give integrations a bad name.

    Do I need to pay or use a credit card to try it out?

    No credit card is needed to start a trial. We want you to see for yourself how this is a game changer for how you work.

SugarCRM - a great app made even greater with Glances

  1. SugarCRM empowers your marketing, sales and services teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences.

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