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The Glances Team

It all started back in 2010…

Data is complicated, but we’ve worked hard to make it simple for you. Our team of developers and data security experts has specialized in software integrations for popular CRMs for the past 15 years. This experience brought a common customer pain point to light: the need to view data across multiple web apps, platforms, and internal systems in a single view, not scattered across dozens of open browser tabs. We put our creative minds together, heads down, and developed a no-code integration platform that brings your customer insights and personal tasks data in one view, in real time.

Our Core Values


We believe we are at our best when we can each operate freely.


We value an ongoing pursuit of improvement; personally and professionally.

Always Do Good

“ADG” as we call it. We go the extra mile even if there is no expected return for doing so.


We value determination. We never shy away from a challenge and relentlessly persevere towards overcoming roadblocks.

Positive Environment

We choose to be positive in all of our interactions.


We strive to be as transparent as possible with employees, customers, and partners.

Why multi-app users need Glances


brands currently computing in the SaaS space (chiefmartec.com)


average amount of different apps per mid-market business (Blissfully)


of workday is spent on ‘work about work’ (Asana)


average amount U.S. workers switch between 13 tools per day (Asana)


of workers say actions and messages are missed when switching apps (Asana)

Meet the Glances Team

Jason Eggers

Jason Eggers

Co-founder, CEO

Chad Hutchins

Chad Hutchins

Co-founder, CTO

Jon Sheppard

Jon Sheppard

Director of Product

Heidi Washington

Heidi Washington

Director of Customer Success

Jessica Biondo

Jessica Biondo

Director of Marketing

Steve Sharpe

Steve Sharpe

Lead Platform Developer

Sumaer Jolly

Sumaer Jolly

App API Onboarding Specialist